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The Pearson User Group Program is proud to support the learning needs of IT groups around the globe. SouthEast LinuxFest attendees are invitied to take advantage of our community discount codes to save on their next book, eBook, or video

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ThinkPenguin is a retailer of computers, peripherals, and accessories. The company has one core goal: improve support for GNU/Linux and free software. Our vision of the future is one where the masses can pick up a computer running entirely free

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Arch Assault

The ArchAssault Project is an Arch Linux & ArchLinux|ARM layer for penetration testers, security professionals and all-around Linux and drone enthusiasts. We offer multiple methods to install or use the project, everything from a LiveDVD to simply adding our repository

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No Starch Press

No Starch Press publishes books for geeks of all ages. We focus on computer security, programming, open source, LEGO, and science. Our titles have personality, our authors are passionate, and we read and edit every book that bears our name.

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What is Fedora? Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a collection of software that makes your computer run. You can use Fedora in addition to, or instead of, other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows™ or Mac OS X™. The

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“BarCamp is about particpation not observation!” BarCampCHS is the ad-hoc, user generated fUN-conference where attendees determine what will be presented. Sessions, discussions, demos, and interaction occur from everyone attending, not a pre-selected panel of speakers. BarCampCHS provides local area techies,

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Beau Sanders

Beau Sanders is the Department Head for the Computer Technology Department at Greenville Tech.  There he teaches many courses on a variety of topics, including Linux and Open Source.   He also operates  PM-Systems, a computer consulting firm in Greenville,

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LearnPuppet is your source for Puppet training and consulting. We bring a wealth of experience working with many different clients around the globe and and helping them achieve their goals. Besides Puppet, we use agile, DevOps methodologies in our work

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Foothills Community Workshop

Foothills Community Workshop is a hackerspace in Granite Falls, NC. With 4000+ sq feet of space, FCW has a CNC machine shop, CNC woodworking shop, model railroad, ham radio station K4FCW, electronics shop, laser cutter, 3D printer and other equipment

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Our Foundstone practice is one of the world’s foremost authorities on information security. Whether through strategic consulting, technology consulting, education, or a combination of all three, McAfee Foundstone delivers strategic solutions to security challenges, going well beyond a short-term fix.

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