June 8-10, 2018
Sheraton Charlotte Airport
Charlotte, NC

Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel

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SELF 10: Liftoff

Live coverage: https://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/live/

Remote attendee ($5) gets you access to live (5-60m delay depending on YouTube processing time) streams of the talks.


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SELF 2018: T-1 Week

In this final update, we cover some important last minute items:

– We have published our final schedule.

– There will be two major open source projects doing bug bounties at the event (you fix bugs, you get paid money).  Information on the bug bounties is in our program guide.  Want to get a jump start on the competition? Then …

– We encourage you to register to attend beforehand so you can can pickup your program guide and stuff as early as Thursday night.

– Please take a moment to fill out our 10th anniversary survey if you haven’t already.  We’ll be using the feedback in a keynote.

– If you intend on purchasing kits for the fiber track (knitting etc), please let us know your purchase preferences so we can make sure we have enough, but not too much.

– Can’t make it to SELF?   No problem!   This year we have a new remote attendee, where you can see all the talks live or on minimal delay.

– Interested in volunteering?   Send us an email!

– Both the Friday and Saturday parties are sponsored by Linode.  So everybody gets in, but supporting attendees and those who bring some to share get in an hour early and get a top shelf tasting.
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SELF 10: Full Steam Ahead

Registration is NOW OPEN. Please take care to read the admittedly long text on that page as it explains some of the changes as well as some of the events that will be going on. If you are a speaker, sponsor, volunteer, or staff you will receive an email with registration information later this week.

Accordingly, we’re thrilled to release our working schedule for the event this year. While there could still be some changes, they should be minor.

As usual, our parties will feature a selection of beer, wine, and liquor from throughout the southeast. We’ve started the Google Spreadsheet to coordinate on that, and look for many many updates to that doc over the coming weeks. We typically have over 100 different selections available when it’s all said and done.

Be sure to get your hotel room if you haven’t already … they’re almost gone and the block discount rate with free wifi expires FRIDAY 5PM!

We’ll be publishing our mobile schedule with full talk descriptions and speaker bios in the next week or so, as well as releasing a full road map for the Rally on The Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway and much more. Stay tuned!

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Preparing for the 10th SouthEast LinuxFest

We are pleased to announce preparations for the 2018 SouthEast LinuxFest (our 10th anniversary!) are complete! Buckle up:

Call for speakers is now open with a deadline to submit of 11:59 PM ET Friday April 20th.

– We have a special 10th Anniversary Survey, would you please consider taking it? Results will be presented in a keynote this year.

– The prospectus and call for sponsors is now open!

– Our 2018 Propaganda is now up.

Speaking Tracks Confirmed:
– Zero To DBA (Friday and Saturday all day)
– /dev/random (Saturday all day)
– (More TBD)

Special Events:
– One of the keynotes at SELF 2018 will be SELF’s original President, Dave Yates.

Ask Noah will be doing a special live broadcast at SELF.

– We are thrilled to announce a tentative TLLTS reunion show at SELF. Exactly who from TLLTS is top secret and TBD, but we tentatively expect most of the crew there, and are considering crowd funding to get everybody in one place again.

Ham Radio License Exams and an Exam Cram will happen again this year at SELF. They will again be free through Laurel VEC.

– Geeks With Guns will again return to SELF this year. We are currently working on getting some, ahem, “special” equipment to use at the range for our 10th anniversary. Given that Geeks With Guns has sold clear out every year, we’re going to make the leap and DOUBLE the attendance cap for Geeks With Guns this year. And the cost of admission will include some rounds in any “special” equipment we’re able to obtain.

– The Fiber Track will RETURN to SELF 2018! Being the awesome people that they are, they have already published a schedule.

– The GPG Key Signing will be returning again at SELF 2018.

– Based upon the overwhelming popularity last year, the LAN Party is returning and we are seeking your input in the 10th Anniversary Survey as to what game(s) we should play this time.

– We will again have a conference party on Friday and Saturday night. By default the party is open only to supporting attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. If sponsored, the party becomes open to the public and aforementioned groups get in one hour early. The party will have, as usual, a selection of wine, distillates, and beer exclusively from craft makers throughout the southeast. This year will feature a top shelf tasting open only to the aforementioned groups on Friday night. The Friday night party has already been sponsored by Linode.

– There is at least one, and likely to be at least two, major open source projects doing bug bounties at SELF where you will get paid per fixed big. The projects doing this will likely not be announced until the event to give everybody a fair start.

– The Internet Civil Engineering Institute will hold their annual meeting as part of SELF.

Last but not least, the videos are being released onto YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to our channel or follow us on Twitter to be updated with each release as they’ll be coming every day for a little while.

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T -1 Week Until SELF 2017

It’s almost here! Some final things to keep in mind as the event nears:

– Here’s our final schedule … only minor talk changes happened since last time.

– Make sure you’re registered to attend — registering in advance will greatly speed up check-in for you!

Geeks With Guns is almost sold out. We will not be able to add more space. So when it is gone, it’s gone.

– For the first time in quite a long time, it appears the Saturday Party will not be sponsored. (Don’t panic … the Friday Party is sponsored by Linode!) This means some changes for regular (free) attendees. While there will still be a party, including the craft beer bottle share, unless it is sponsored it will not be open to the public. It will only be open to volunteers, supporting attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors, and those who brought some to share. We can still take a sponsor for this if somebody wants to step up. But if that doesn’t happen you might want to review the Party Bottle Share Doc and bring some from your neck of the woods if you want to guarantee party access on Saturday if you’re not in any of the former groups.

Carpools/Room Shares … We already have one room share request, and we expect several room share/carpool requests to come in over the next few days as we publicize registration and the schedule.

Job Board … We encourage you to submit jobs to our job board if you’re looking for FOSS experts to hire!

– If you want to volunteer, please fill out this form ASAP and we’ll be in touch!

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SELF 2017 Registration, Schedule, Hotel Rooms, Parties, Carpools, and Room Shares

We are pleased to announce registration is NOW OPEN for the 2017 SouthEast LinuxFest. Accordingly, we have also released our DRAFT SCHEDULE for the event. Note that some special registration types require a password to even be able to view the registration options. So if you are in one of those special groups and don’t have the magic password in your email inbox by 5/17, please email info@southeastlinuxfest.org

We have been a bit quiet with things because of a pretty aggressive push on our hotel room block this year. This is the first year where we had our hotel room block available the very next day after the previous year’s SELF ended. As a result, our room block was mostly exhausted by January. So we’ve been quietly pushing speakers/sponsors into our block while we still could. If you haven’t gotten a room in our block yet, you need to do so *immediately* as we have already hugely blown through our block, nearly doubling its original size. So you’re already depending upon general availability at the Sheraton to get a room right now. I expect hotel rooms to be unavailable at the Sheraton within a few hours of this post going live on social media. If you cannot book at the Sheraton any more, please email info@southeastlinuxfest.org … we can work to provide an alternate room block at a nearby hotel and arrange for shuttle transportation to/from your alternate hotel.

In addition, we encourage you to check out the following items of interest:
Party Bottle Share Doc … If you want to bring some craft wine/liquor/beer from your neck of the woods to share with everybody, you can get into the parties an hour earlier! SELF will consider paying you for the goods if you’re bringing stuff we cannot easily obtain. Email us at info@southeastlinuxfest.org to discuss if you’re interested and have access to less well known stuff outside the Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg area.

Carpools/Room Shares … We already have one room share request, and we expect several room share/carpool requests to come in over the next few days as we publicize registration and the schedule.

Job Board … We encourage you to submit jobs to our job board if you’re looking for FOSS experts to hire!

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SELF 2017 Bootstrapped

Call For Sponsors OPEN
We are pleased to announce that call for sponsors is now open, the 2017 sponsor prospectus is now available.

Call For Speakers OPEN
Our call for speakers is now open with a deadline to submit of 4/14, 11:59 PM ET.

Hotel Rooms Going Fast
SELF opened its room block for SELF 2017 on the last day of SELF 2016. That room block is already 1/3 gone, so don’t delay and book your room now.

Now Accepting Job Board / Room Share / Carpooling Submissions
If you are interested in organizing a room share or carpool, or posting a job for some of the most serious geeks in the region to see, feel free to submit those to us and we’ll get them up ASAP.

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SELF 2016 EOF, SELF 2017 dates set

Another SouthEast LinuxFest is in the books.  We have all the videos recorded, and they only need to be trimmed and uploaded. So look for them very soon on YouTube.  In the interim, I encourage you to join SELF-Announce. All important announcements related to the event (Dates, Venue, RFP, Call For Sponsors, Schedule) will be pushed to that list.  It will be low traffic and should be roughly 6-7 emails a year, so don’t worry about a spam filled inbox.

We will be sending surveys to sponsors/speakers/attendees soon. They are totally anonymous and don’t even collect identifying information, but of tremendous help to us. Please fill them out when they arrive.

Didn’t get that sweet FOSS job you wanted while you were at SELF? You still have a shot! Look through our job board to see what is available.

While we’re all just now recovering from this year’s event, we are pleased to announce that the 2017 SouthEast LinuxFest will be June 9-11, 2017 at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel. Our room block, which always sells out, is now open. Book now!

Now that SELF 2016 is in the books, we’d like to take the time to thank those who went above and beyond to help make this year’s event possible:


All Speakers

All Sponsors

Lead Masochist
Jeremy Sands

SELF Community Managers
Chuck Payne (Atlanta, GA)
Eugene Mah (Charleston, SC)
Graham Moss (Charlotte, NC)
Jeff Propes (Dallas, TX)
Keith Myers (Miami, FL)
Mike Major (Anderson, SC)
Mykel Alvis (Birmingham, AL)
Robby Workman (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Shay Walters (Columbia, SC)
Tim Leogrande (Asheville, NC)

Level 99 Volunteers
Brian McCullough
Chuck Payne
Doug Freed
Eugene Mah
Graham Moss
Mike Major
Robby Workman
Shay Walters
Stan Carter

Joel Solomon
Rock Pereira
Ross Chandler
Sean Moriarty

Graphic Design
Richard Querin
Stan Carter

Eugene Mah

Special Events
Ben Williams, Fedora Amateur Radio SIG (Ham Radio Testing)
Carrie Stokes, Cathy Williams, Nicole Tobias (Fiber Track)
Dave Stokes, MySQL, Oracle (Zero To DBA)
Nick Bebout (GPG Signing)

Google (Pre-Party Sponsor)
Linode (Party Sponsor)
Robby Workman
Benjamin Shpurker

Internet Streaming Coverage
JT Pennington
Noah Chelliah

Superior Conference Network Deployment and Bandwidth Acquisition
Noah Chelliah
Zach Underwood


We heartily encourage you to consider the following events to keep you tied over until SELF 2017:

Community Run
BarCampCHS (Charleston, SC)
FOSSCON (Philadelphia, PA)
Linuxfest Northwest (Bellingham, WA)
Ohio Linuxfest (Columbus, OH)
PyData Carolinas (Research Triangle Park, NC)
Texas Linuxfest (Austin, TX)
Southern California Linux Expo (Los Angeles, CA)
SeaGL (Seattle, WA)

The SouthEast LinuxFest is a labor of love put on by Galt’s Gulch Industries, LLC.

Steampunk Empire Company 375 version 1 (non-editable web-ready file)

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The 2016 SouthEast LinuxFest Is Almost Upon Us!

Some quick links to help you out:
Full Schedule
– Mobile Schedule (under development, check back later today for link)
Craft Beer Bottle Share (Sponsored by Google Friday night. Sponsored by Linode Saturday night.)
Register To Attend (FREE!)
– Can’t make it? Talks will be put on YouTube. At the moment we are planning to put them up on YouTube in near real time (only an hour or two behind the talk finishing). However, we’re working to see if we can’t stream them direct to YouTube in real time as well.

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Alternative Lodging Arrangements for #self2016

UPDATE: 5/16/16, 4:00 PM ET … Details of official secondary room block added.

The event hotel is out of standard rooms. If you want a deluxe/suite room, they are still available but without any discount.

We have an official secondary block at the Hampton Inn by Hilton. Call them at 704-394-6455 and provide group code SLG (applicable to June 8-13). The Sheraton will shuttle people over who stay in this block. Mention you’d like to be shuttled to the Sheraton at check-in.

Alternatively, the following hotels are across Billy Graham Parkway from the Sheraton. While I wouldn’t describe the walk across Billy Graham as “pleasant” (it is a four lane highway at an interstate), these hotels are truly walking distance from the hotel.

Comfort Suites
Springhill Suites by Marriott
Baymont Inn and Suites

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Diamond Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

.Edu/.Org Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors