June 10-12, 2016
Sheraton Charlotte Airport
Charlotte, NC

Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel

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Alternative Lodging Arrangements for #self2016

UPDATE: 5/16/16, 4:00 PM ET … Details of official secondary room block added.

The event hotel is out of standard rooms. If you want a deluxe/suite room, they are still available but without any discount.

We have an official secondary block at the Hampton Inn by Hilton. Call them at 704-394-6455 and provide group code SLG (applicable to June 8-13). The Sheraton will shuttle people over who stay in this block. Mention you’d like to be shuttled to the Sheraton at check-in.

Alternatively, the following hotels are across Billy Graham Parkway from the Sheraton. While I wouldn’t describe the walk across Billy Graham as “pleasant” (it is a four lane highway at an interstate), these hotels are truly walking distance from the hotel.

Comfort Suites
Springhill Suites by Marriott
Baymont Inn and Suites

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#self2016 Update: Schedule released, registration open, and rooms nearly gone!

Our rooms at the hotel are nearly completely booked out. We have already had to add rooms twice. So if you haven’t already, book immediately! If it says no availability, please contact us immediately and we’ll work to get more rooms added. Even if we cannot, we can get you a discounted rate at a nearby hotel that will shuttle you to the event hotel for free.

We are proud to release our schedule for this year’s event. We set a record for submissions this year, and it was harder than ever to fill out the schedule.

Accordingly with the schedule being released, registration is now open for #self2016. Please DO NOT register if you are a speaker, sponsor, volunteer, or staff. You’ll be sent specific instructions on how to register. But for everybody else click here to register to attend.

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Announcing SELF 2016 Hotel, Dates, Call For Speakers, Call For Sponsors, Room Blocks, and Propaganda

UPDATE: Additional information added below on 3/10/16. See #4 and #5

We are all set for #SELF2016. We will once again be returning to the Sheraton Charlotte Airport on the second weekend in June from the 10th through the 12th. Our room block at the hotel is open, and the rate is $102/ni including free wifi, free shuttle to/from Charlotte-Douglas International, and free onsite parking. Our call for speakers and sponsors is open, and our propaganda has been updated so you can help spread the word!

Some changes for this year’s SELF:
1) The craft beer bottle share has become very successful and popular. As a result, we will no longer have an official party in the hotel bar unless a sponsor picks up the pre-party. Instead, the conference party will be the craft beer bottle share. But we’ll be having more than just beer now. We’ll include a selection of wines and liquor made in the deep south as well. You can still get in for free if you’re a speaker, a sponsor, a volunteer, or your brought some to share. But if a sponsor picks up the party, it will become open to the public, and the people in the previous special groups will get in before the general public.

2) The Geeks With Guns event was very successful and popular. As a result, we will roll the event into registration (including paying the cost of your range time at registration). You’ll still be on your own for ammo and firearm rental if you do not bring your own, though several people shared their firearms with others, particularly those who flew in and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of checking firearms when flying.

3) For the first time in several years, BSidesCLT will not be part of SELF. The BSides organizers have decided to go their own way, and we wish them the best of luck in having many more successful events.

4) On Thursday evening before SELF there will be a photography crawl featuring nice photogenic locations near the hotel. Exact details are TBD, but expect to visit places like the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, Charlotte-Douglas Int’l Airport Overlook Park, Romare Bearden Park, and Freedom Park. Special thanks to JT Pennington for assisting with this event.

5) There will be on Friday and Saturday a “fiber” track at SELF. The ad-hoc knitting groups in the hallway were surprisingly popular, and so we’ll have dedicated space for those interested this year. Special thanks to Carrie Stokes, Nicole Tobias, and Cathy Williams for helping with this event. A quick summary for those curious:

“Does your need for down time away from the computer lead you to the thrill of fiber arts? Do you want to learn to knit, read a knitting pattern, learn knitting lace and blocking techniques?  If so then SELF has a new track for your open source fiber needs!  Come share with us and learn some new techniques.  Drive with us Friday to the beautiful art town of Ashville NC for a yarn crawl. Don’t miss this chance to make new friends and replenish your stash!  On Saturday and Sunday join us for two fun days of learning new skills and sharing fiber experience. Class kits for two of the projects will be for sale on site.  The kits and supplies will be made available by Charlotte Yarns, a local yarn store.”

Stay tuned for more news and updates (the best way is to join our low traffic announce only mailing list if you haven’t already). Quick relevant links:

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Another SouthEast LinuxFest is in the books.  We’ll be updating the site and remastering the YouTube videos (adding pre-roll bumpers, removing dead air, etc) in the coming days and weeks.  In the interim, I encourage you to join SELF-Announce. This mailing list will be converted to a MailChimp list soon to aid in not being flagged spam so much (running your own mail server in a popular hosting block is getting harder and harder!) All important announcements related to the event (Dates, Venue, RFP, Call For Sponsors, Schedule) will be pushed to that list.  It will be low traffic and should be roughly 6-7 emails a year, so don’t worry about a spam filled inbox.

We will be sending surveys to sponsors/speakers/attendees soon. They are totally anonymous and don’t even collect identifying information, but of tremendous help to us. Please fill them out when they arrive.

Now that SELF 2015 is in the books, we’d like to take the time to thank those who went above and beyond to help make this year’s event possible:


All Speakers

All Sponsors

Lead Masochist
Jeremy Sands

SELF Ambassadors
Chuck Payne (Atlanta, GA)
Eugene Mah (Charleston, SC)
Jeff Propes (Dallas, TX)
Mike Major (Anderson, SC)
Mykel Alvis (Birmingham, AL)
Robby Workman (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Shay Walters (Columbia, SC)

Brian McCullough
Charles Williams
Hung Pham

Graphic Design
Stan Carter

Stan Carter

Special Events
Ben Williams, Fedora Amateur Radio SIG (Ham Radio Testing)
Chris Teodorski, Jon Molesa (BSidesCLT)
Dave Stokes, MySQL, Oracle (Zero To DBA)
Mary Thengvall, Chef (Chef Training)
Michael Hall, Canonical (UbuCon)
Nick Bebout (GPG/CaCert Signing)


Internet Streaming Coverage
Jupiter Broadcasting

Superior Conference Network Deployment and Bandwidth Acquisition
Zach Underwood, Globalvision


We heartily encourage you to consider the following events to keep you tied over until SELF 2016:

Community Run
BarCampCHS (Charleston, SC)
FOSSCON (Philadelphia, PA)
Linuxfest Northwest (Bellingham, WA)
Ohio Linuxfest (Columbus, OH)
Texas Linuxfest (San Marcos, TX)
Southern California Linux Expo (Los Angeles, CA)
SeaGL (Seattle, WA)

Superior Training/Education
LISA 2015 (Washington, DC)

The SouthEast LinuxFest is a labor of love put on by Galt’s Gulch Industries, LLC.

Steampunk Empire Company 375 version 1 (non-editable web-ready file)

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Front Porch mode is under construction (our staff and volunteers have been VERY busy!!), but here’s some direct links to get your fix of SELF if you can’t make it:

YouTube live feeds … refresh to get latest talks!

Jupiter Broadcasting is awaiting equipment arrival, we’ll put up their link if they go live before we finish the proper front porch page.

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Final Schedule Published: Updated with BSidesCLT, UbuCon Content

Get it while it’s hot! Click here.

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Registration Open, Working Schedule Released, Special Events Signups, Propaganda, SELF “Front Porch Mode”

Registration Open
Registration is now open. If you are a speaker, sponsor, volunteer, or staff … you should already have or soon be receiving an email with special registration instructions.

Working Schedule Released
There have been changes in our schedule, but it has moved from Draft to Working status. This means major changes should no longer happen, and most shuffling should be time slots of talks themselves. View it here.

Special Events Signup
UbuCon is seeking speakers for their track on Friday. If you want to speak about something Ubuntu-ish at SELF, go here: http://mhall119.com/2015/05/call-for-ubucon-speakers-at-self/

Geeks With Guns is now confirmed on Friday night. For details or to sign up, go here: http://goo.gl/forms/RJKwNIZvlk

GPG Key Signing is now confirmed for Saturday night. To sign up, go here: http://goo.gl/forms/VbxaO7ccSw

The Craft Beer Bottle Share is now confirmed for Saturday night. For details or to sign up, go here: http://goo.gl/0FRCyy

Our propaganda is up so you can relentlessly bully gently nudge your friends and followers to attend SELF! Check it out.

SELF “Front Porch” Mode
So you can’t make it to SELF this year? No problem! We’ll have a “Front Porch Mode” page featuring live streaming coverage and interviews by Jupiter Broadcasting, links that update to presentations as they go live on YouTube, hash tag feed (with hilarious hash tag collision), IRC channel, and Boss Button. The link will go up in the days before the event … so stay tuned to our social media or subscribe to our low traffic announce mailing list to get the link as soon as it is ready.

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Hotel Room Limited Availability

We are OUT of hotel rooms on the 11th and 14th. We’ll try to add some more first thing Thursday morning. Stay tuned for details.

We have added more rooms to our block at the hotel. Get ’em while they last!

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SELF 2015 Draft Schedule and Special Events

We are pleased to announce a draft schedule for the 2015 SouthEast LinuxFest. Please note this schedule is subject to change, even potentially drastic change, at this time.

Click here to view the draft schedule.

Some special events to be aware of:
– BSidesCLT is again back on Saturday
– There will be an UbuCon on Friday
– There will be extended Chef Training provided by Chef on Friday
– We are again having the Zero To DBA track
– We are again having a Craft Beer Bottle Share (details in the schedule)
– We are tentatively having a Geeks With Guns Event (details in the schedule)

If you are coming to SELF, I encourage you to book your hotel room RIGHT NOW. Availability is dropping fast, and we will once again run out of rooms. We can still add rooms to our block when we run out, but our outstanding rate with free wifi expires May 10th. So if you want the the great rate and free wifi … do not delay. Click here to book your room.

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SELF 2015 RFP Extended

We’ve been quite busy at SELF, and you all have been quite busy with those lovely taxes that were due today. So we’ve decided to extend the deadline to submit your talk to SELF until Saturday 4/25 at 11:59 PM ET. We’ll choose talks quickly thereafter. Click here to submit your talk to SELF.

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